Rising Real Estate Sector down South; Firms like Maithri Rejoice the Glory

At the time when property inhabitancy and sales have dropped substantially in more popular cities of the northern zone like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, recent statistical survey suggests the contrary for the south cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and particularly, Bangalore. Challenging all odds, they have enhanced their ranking to reach a position on top and this has certainly boosted the spirits of their entire realty industry. With the booming real estate down south, it becomes imperative to bring into limelight a few associated popular names.


Maithri Developers, a golden sepal of the southern zone, has incarnated a remarkable name for itself in the extensive terrain of the real estate business, ever since its inception in the year 2000. During its decade long tenure, the developers have gotten well-acquainted with the IT-smitten Bangalore and eventually, grown to understand the construction requirements better. Maithri Developers have progressively moved ahead on the path of delivering nothing but the best to achieve customer satisfaction to the maximum extent.

The firm is eminent for its numerous residential projects completed successfully, providing a range of facilities such as well-connected location, innovative structuring and contemporary designs with unique concepts. One marvels at the projects, skillfully crafted to meet the highest quality standards with both an unparalleled interior and surroundings. Shilpitha Splendour, Shilpitha Regalia, Maithri Pride and Shilpitha Cascade are some of the proud assets of the company. Its awaited ongoing ventures include Shilpitha Splendour Annex, Shilpitha Sunflower, Shilpitha Royal and Shilpitha Golden Sepals. Coming up with latest techniques and urban features each time is the forte of Maithri developers.

Evidently, Bangalore owes its high realty ranking to ever-evolving and progressing firms like Maithri and their zealous endeavor to appease the potential buyers.


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  1. khushbu

    Maithri is going to give hard competition to other real estate firms in South, they are not only doing good in their work, they are man of words even. They fulfill what they say.


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