‘Realty Sales is expected to elate radically this festive season’- Ravi Group

Ravi Group, one of the leading realty group point out that the real estate industry is likely to have an increase in sales this festive season. With Akshay Tritiya around the corner, it is time for the realty developers to gear up for increasing property buying activity in the real estate market. This festival brings about a positive outlook and is considered auspicious for real estate purchases. It is a prominent period for the developers in Maharashtra as it boosts the sales in realty market.

Gaurav Shah, director marketing and sales, Ravi Group points out the reason for increase in the investments in realty sector stating that there is stability in prices over the last few quarters. The stability in the market has resulted in buyers coming forward this festive season to purchase their dream homes.

Focusing on the new launches by the group in realty sector Shah further added that this was mainly due to an economic slowdown and the need to clear the backlog but this change now will definitely encourage more people to come and invest in real estate and there is more on the supply side as well, with so many new launches.
Hiral Sheth, director marketing and sales, Sheth Creators highlights the reasons for increase in realty sales this festive season stating that the Union Budget has sought to build a strong foundation for the growth of the housing sector across the length and breadth of country. A lot of buyers prefer to be fence-sitters and linger on auspicious occasion to make new investment in realty. There is definitely a splurge in the number of buyers, who want to have the satisfaction of at least getting the possession of their dream homes on the occasion of Akshaya Trtitya.

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