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Real estate“Consumer is the King” is the new motto of the market, it’s the mantra followed by every businessman today, which keeps them going. It actually holds true that sellers feel and believe in the notion-“You are the center of my Universe”, when a consumer is in reference. The changing trends and cut-throat competition in business demands this new policy. And, though it sounds simple, satisfying your customers is not a cakewalk but a real struggle. When consumers pay for a service or product, their expectation touches the sky. And, if the delivered outcome is not up to the mark, trouble awaits a seller.


During the post Independence era of the country, it was the clear monopoly of businessmen. Whatever the manufacturer produced had to be the choice of buyers. But not anymore, for changing times have turned the tables other way round. Consumer decides now and the producer follows suit.

Ever since, the FDI was introduced, competition in the market changed the rules of the game completely. Now, the consumer rightfully got the best product as desired. Realization soon dawned upon the entrepreneurs that now the products needed to be consumer friendly. It changed the whole scenario and campaigns regarding consumer awareness became a daily affair to spread awareness. It really wasn’t easy to fool a buyer anymore- “NO ULLU BANAUING”.

Scott Cook has also aptly stated, “A brand is no longer what is told to a consumer it is- it is what consumers tell each other it is”.

And, just like in every other field, a real estate businessman also aimed at making his customer happy. Consumers no more need to go hunting for the right product whereas the producers now put in efforts to make life simple, easy and comfortable for them. Although, following things should be considered by developers while establishing a new property project:

  • Real Estate type to invest in

He decides whether to invest in a housing or commercial real estate business and then lays down the plan accordingly.

  • Market Study

Customers should be happy to read this that every time a developer initiates a project, he ensures to study every aspect as preferred by the prospective buyers. He does a detailed research for this, analyzing all the relevant factors like location, price range, family/ business type in that location, landmarks around, facilities: medical, academic, etc. and many more.

  • Arrange Finance

The developer arranges finance either through business loans or investments by investment companies or private investors or even a combination of both.

  • Land Survey

The developer gets the land surveyed by a reputable surveyor, who can judge all the geographical particulars of the location that affect construction, such as ground quality, etc.

  • Purchasing the land

Considering several factors like whether the location allows the kind of construction as planned and if the required facilities, space etc is available or not.

  • Getting all the permits from the governing bodies
  • Hiring an Architect

Developer has to clearly state his requirements to the architect in terms of budget, time and building requirements. Then, the architect starts designing accordingly.

  • Giving Approval to the building plans if all is adequate
  • Hiring contractors as needed

      He hires the contractors for construction and landscaping and requests them for weekly/monthly

      reports so that he can be aware of the progress from time to time.

  • Arranging for building inspection by inspectors
  • Hiring a Realtor to attract customers

There is a group of some really hard working developers who’ve started a few projects in New Gurgaon in the Delhi NCR region like DLF, Orris Infrastructure Ltd, and TATA Housing among others. New Gurgaon is the new address for modern advancements, growth and development going on a highly rapid pace.  It’s one of the booming places as a business, housing and retail hub. And its proximity to NH8, Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway and airport do give some brownie points to the location. Along with numerous basic facilities like malls, schools, hospitals, parks, markets, restaurants and a golf course, it has a lot in store to offer the residents. Also   as per the land reform bill, analysts have declared Gurgaon to emerge as one of the largest real estate markets in the coming years. It is said to bring some corrective property prices as well, making it a win-win scenario for the buyer.

So, your wait for a beautiful yet affordable home is now over. Be the first to grab this exciting deal.

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