Ravi Developers evolving as per the need of the hour

It is world-renowned fact that India is a developing Nation. And rapidly evolving suburban areas across the Nation is attracting a lot of people’s attention since last decade. Infrastructural development in these areas is the primary factor which helps in identifying whether the region is developing or not. Realty industry is flourishing with everyday launch of residential project, every month foundation of a commercial venture and every year’s contribution in state-of-the-art development.
Mumbai based realty expert, Ravi Developers has covered more than 10 million square feet area and satisfied up to 20, 000 families. 2 and a half decades’ experience of Ravi Developers has helped it to come up with concept like BBHK, which caters the need of this hour. Here comfort gets evolved with functionality. This innovative concept has been well utilised in Ravi Developers Mira Road Projects, i.e. Gaurav Excellency and Gaurav Woods 2.
The spacious living area and advanced designs make the residential apartments more resourceful than useful. BBHK is the perfect solution for city’s space constraints where study room is easily converted into living room and it is convenient to transform the living room into bedroom instantly.
Ravi Developers Mumbai is the name that cherishes the trust and lives up to the expectations of its client base every time. Vision of the city based realty expert, is to create a standard of living that would offer unparalleled comfort and quality existence to its client base, which is among the best. It works with the mission to connect, deliver and evolve in order to form an everlasting relationship with customers. That is why its each project infuses a unique concept as per the need of targeted segment. Like An Era of change at The Era; live a perfect life at Gaurav Discovery; Community living at its best, at Gaurav Excellency and Discover the Magic of space at Gaurav woods 2.

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  1. Rahana Zubaidah

    My cousin booked a 2 BHK apartment at Ravi Developers Mira Road project. He is very happy and didn’t have to go through long process of loan approval as the bank trusted the builder’s name. So he also invested his money and faith at one place just like that bank. He is done with all the paperwork and will be shifting soon there.


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