Neptune Group feel elders should prioritize convenience when buying a house

The biggest respite in this life is to have a shelter over the head. Just the feeling of owning a house brims the heart with content. People spend most of their life’s earning to buy a house that they can transform into a home. Because home is where the heart is! But what if your home comes to haunt you? Wouldn’t that be a heart wrenching feeling? So, choosing the right house is a decision that you cannot afford to care less about. Neptune Group feels that this is especially true in the case of elders who look to change their accommodation post retirement.

Post-retirement life is like as a wild horse; if tamed, it can take you to places. This calls for need to make sure the elders choose a house that offers them every needed convenience. The idea is to be able to live a healthy and peaceful life that can be enjoyed every moment. Since you can’t always keep changing the house that is why elders must place their own convenience above everything else. As per Nayan Bheda, M.D, Neptune Group, elders must choose houses in locality that offers easy access to public transportation and basic necessities like convenience stores, hospitals and markets.

The elders must not be fooled by the dubious senior living projects which various companies are offered. The first condition of living in these houses is that the elders have to live away from their respective families. Such projects are managed by infamous healthcare agencies and companies who never shy away from cost cutting.

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Neptune Group was established a decade ago by a group of First Generation Entrepreneurs, Nayan Bheda, Sachin Deshmukh, Nayan Shah, Mahesh Shetty, Chetan Bheda, Animesh Dharamsi. It has an unwavering focus on quality, optimization of costing and timely delivery by closely monitoring every project with a dedicated core team. Neptune has been able to grow considerably to build state-of-the-art commercial, residential, retail and entertainment structures across the country, as well as integrated township and Information Technology (IT) Park. To its credit Neptune has built one of the Biggest Mall in India – Neptune Magnet Mall and the biggest IT Park of Mumbai Neptune Element. It has successfully completed and completing around 10 Million sft, and about 20 Million sft, upcoming projects spread across Hyderabad, Kochi, Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai.

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  • Raina Gupta

    It’s true when it’s about purchasing the home we should make sure about all these thing because we purchase home once & all these things keep going with us so we should keep these things in Mind while purchasing the home

  • Amie Mathew

    exactly this is correct when someone want to purchasing the house,they must sure about all the things which is related to house specialy in the case of elders.

  • Abhishek Arya

    So finally there is someone who is thinking about elders…

  • Rohit

    It is very important to have all the requisite amenities in the vicinity of your residency, especially in old age when going an extra mile is not their cup of tea, and it should not be too. I and happy that Neptune Group has addressed this problem at least. Hopefully they will be building a residential project for this purpose very soon.