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We have reached a scenario where time is a luxury people cannot waste. Every minute of the day goes into doing something or the other. The schedule is jam packed. The digital planners are full of events lined up for the entire day. And suddenly it strikes you that you were on the lookout for a new house. How could you forget it to add it to your day’s schedule? Well, if this was happening a few years ago, you would have surely panicked. But now, you wouldn’t fret anymore and simply use some mobile application on your smart-phone to search for the desired house. That is how easy our lives have been made by internet and mobile phones. Neptune Developers feels that the combination of these two has offered unparalleled convenience to the consumers and developers.

Consumers can now search for property using internet on their phones from anywhere. They no more have to depend on desktops or laptops for the same. There has been a steep rise in the number of customers who are using internet on their phones for searching properties. In 2014, around 10% of customers were using mobile phones for searching properties which has grown to a staggering 50%. So, half of the customers are using internet on their cell phones for property hunting.

In order to offer a better search experience, various mobile applications have been developed which help in property search. Neptune Developers fells that this has allowed developers to have access to a large number of potential customers. The developers get themselves registered on these applications and websites in order to market their offerings. So in this way, mobile technology and internet have largely streamlined sale and purchase of properties.


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