Upcoming realty projects in Telangana focus on space-saving living spaces

Living in a cramped up space is a nightmare. To resolve this issue, villas in Shamirpet are created with spaces that double as utility areas, Modi Builders experts review.  According to seasoned architects who work for the realtor group, builders working projects on open plots at Shamshabad, plots around Adibatla, and projects in Ghatkesar are ensuring that useless spaces are minimal.

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Quite often, we see spaces in homes that are awkward to use. It eats the square feet area, but is of no use to us. There are various ways in which these awkward spaces can be converted into clever décor spots. Let’s look at 4 easy ideas:

Shelve it!

Got a boring dark corner? Place a row of small shelves to display your books, knickknacks or your prized toy collection. Lighten up the shelf with a cheap string of led lamps, and Bingo! You have a display area ready, which is also quite practical.

Corner me

If you are big book buff, then you have plenty of reasons to do up that tasteless dull corner. Throw in a bean bag or a pouf in bright neon colour, few portable book baskets and fix a bright study lamp overhead. You have your cozy reading corner ready! You can place evergreens in small pots to lend that feeling of being one with nature. Experts at Modi Builders review you should air your plants too.

Develop a green thumb

Not sure what to make out of that big blank space behind the sofa? Get tall plants, and pot them in containers of your choice. Besides lending a very balanced décor to your living room, plants also act as perfect positive energy providers. Ensure to water them every now and then, and place protective saucers beneath the pots to save your rug from getting sappy.

Photo gallery

The best way to liven up a passageway is by putting up posters or pictures of your family. You can frame vintage family pictures in monochromatic frames to lend an old world charm, or put up posters of pop culture in bright colours. Whatever is your taste, don’t mix the two. You don’t want to seem like a confused art lover.

Converting boring spaces into utility corners is easy and cheap too. All you need is an eye on the flea market products. Your home will look like a page right out of a good home-keeping magazine! For more such ideas, visit the website of Modi Builders.

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