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Alpine Housing : Investors are often bogged down by the dilemmas which cling to investing decisions. From the right location to avoiding hidden costs, from a trustable builder to a lucrative investment option, all need to be carefully outlined before heading towards a decision. Having encountered these apprehensions in investors across the globe, we have come up with a check-list which the pioneering investor should map in his mind before conquering the investment battle:


Lay bare the hidden costs: The costs like per square feet rate, parking, registration and stamp duty are visibly quoted but other tax liabilities and service tax (which are definitely substantial) are usually disguised. So, it is advised that before you pick your weapons, you should be fully aware of the enemy to be conquered, that is all its hidden costs and charges.

Don’t be impressed by fringe attractions: Before you make your investing decisions, be sure enough that you don’t end up paying more for attractions which won’t last. Extravagances like clubs, gyms, libraries, golf courses and swimming pools would only hike up the prices whereas the utility would keep declining. What they offer is definitely not love but lust at first sight which is doomed to fade away. So don’t end up being trapped by these temporary crushes. Things more important like material used for construction, power backups, earthquake resistance, etc., would be more committing.

 Go for group booking, if possible: Group bookings give you big negotiating powers. Very much in trend these days, it is really a smart move to save on pockets. After all, an army is any day better than a single fighter.

Some quick warnings to be heeded:

  • Check that the land to be conquered is not under any legal disputes
  • Check that all the necessary paper work and mandatory approvals have been attained
  • Check builder’s repute and make sure he is trustworthy, particularly when buying under construction projects
  • Read the agreement carefully before lending it your precious signature and don’t settle for verbal commitments
  • Give maximum possible down payment but not more than 40% of the fixed and consistent income. Else, interest on bank loan would consume all the price appreciation that might have happened

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