Imperia Group employing modern construction technologies in their projects

Imperia Group has always made it a firm point to employ latest construction technology for their projects. And this resolve has now been backed by the government which has recently asked the real estate developers to adopt modern construction technologies in order to boost housing supply. PM Modi’s development related schemes have ushered in a phase where more people are migrating to urban towns and metropolitans from rural areas. This has spiked the demand of the living spaces. Advanced construction technologies can play a very significant role in bridging this gap.

Imperia Group employing modern construction technologies in their projects

In an event organized by NAREDCO, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Secretary Nandita Chatterjee highlighted the long term benefits employing modern construction technologies. Such technologies will allow developers to expedite their projects and offer high safety and wiser use of resources. This will inch the realty sector to closer to achieving ‘Housing for All’ by 2022. As per analysis, around 20 million houses will be needed by 2020.

There is no way this is achievable if the modern technology isn’t incorporated. The traditional construction methods are slow and often consume huge amount of resources. Imperia Group believes that the real estate sector across the globe has moved miles ahead and we in India are still busy getting the grasp of the basic construction techniques. It is time we speed up our ways. We have been using advanced technologies even before the government had to mention it. The underlying idea is to employ techniques that are quick, efficient and conserve the resources. The demand for housing would not cease but only grow. We need to be prepared to cater to such evolving needs.

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  1. tarun

    they construct houses which meets the needs of modern people. It is probably best real estate company. No doubt they are fully reliable and keep transparency in their deals.

  2. aditya

    I am buyer of imperia structure ltd. It has been 2 years purchasing the home. Interior of the house is awsome that every guest of us leave great compliments over it. this make us very happy. Me and my family are fully satisfied with our new home till now.

  3. rohan

    every time they come up with new infrastructure in the construction of their projects. They provided us wonderful and luxurious amenties which made my family proud on me for investing on right property.


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