Funny things Indian real estate agents tell youngsters looking for a house

As the quality of education and number of jobs opportunities have improved, more and more youngsters are moving to metro cities from their hometowns. This has led to an increased demand for housing properties. According to the Modi Builders Feedback, one basic requirement of every house seeker is to find a decent and clean home. In fact, real estate agents become their pals until they find a house that can be called as home. Here are some crazily funny questions and Dialogues of Real Estate Agent that make the home hunters go insane.

Modi Builders Feedback

Q- Ghar kharidna hai ya rent pe loge (Do you want to buy or take on rent)?

  • Bro, do you actually think I can afford to buy a house at this age?

Q- Kya apko flat samajh mein aah raha hai (Can you understand the property)?

  • Lol, isme samjhne wali kaun si baat hai, ghar pasand aana chahiye na (What is there to understand, I should like the place)!

Q- We also have a cheaper option, but you would not like it all.

  • You just met me an hour ago, how can you judge my preference?

Q- You will have to adjust a bit, budget kam hai na (your budget is low)

  • Dude, two rats can’t stand straight here, mai kese reh paunga yaha (how can I stay here)?

Q- I hope bathing with cold water is not a concern for you?  

  • Kya aap ye kehna chahte ho ke yaha pe geyser bhi nai hai (So they don’t have a geyser?) Dude winter is coming!

Q-  In this budget, it’s impossible to get a home near your office/college

  • Why so? This area doesn’t look like posh either.

Q- Increase your budget a bit, you can get even better options

  • Agar mere pas itna paisa hota tuo rent ki jagah installments na pay kar raha hota (If I could afford it, would I not have paid EMIs to buy myself a house)?

Q- This is an emerging area, isiliye idhar ke rates thode jyada hai (which is why the rates are higher)

  • But I don’t see any sort of development here yet.

Q- Paani ka thoda problem hai, (no adequate water supply), but waking up early morning is good for your health

  • Hang on, you just sounded like my parents!

Q- The parking is free with rent that you’ll pay 

  • I can’t even afford a bicycle now, parking leke kya achaar daalu (I can’t even afford a bicycle, what would I do with the parking)?

Q- Ghar dhundne mein koi taklif toh nahi hui na (Hope you didn’t find it difficult to find this place)?

  • Well, thanks for your concern dude.

We hope the Modi Builders Feedback on real estate agent’s funny questions and stupid suggestions tickled your funny bone! Though we must agree, it’s because of these agents that we are able to find a perfect house in a new city.


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  • Madhawan Shethi

    Hahahahahha! This is a funny one. These people ( brokers, agents) do the exactly same things.

  • Madhawan Shethi

    Hahahahahha! This is a funny one. How these people ( brokers, agents)