Excel Dwelling ’s Oxigen – A Paradigm Shift

Now which great, eminent personality coined this phrase and in what context? Because it’s largely debatable. For some, sky is the limit whereas for the others, it’s a milestone meant to be surpassed. Those who belong to the former category often create landmarks but limited by their aspirations, never end up creating a masterpiece. And those who resonate with the latter category are the ones who create magnum opus. Excel Dwellings Bangalore, with their flagship project Oxigen – Sports Villa, has successfully carved a niche for itself in the latter category.

Oxigen, India’s first sports villa project has taken the realty world by a storm. This project has set a benchmark that has become a difficulty for the competitors to achieve. Sprawling over 74.5 acres with a dedicated 8 acres of sporting amenities, this project offers luxury villas and villa plots engulfed in a rich ambience. Strategically situated on Sarjapur Road, this project offers a location of central prominence, with an easy accessibility to important structures like hospitals, educational institutions, shopping complexes, office complexes and national highways.

Spread over 46.5 acres, the villas offer you an unparalleled amalgamation of luxury and comfort. Crafted with utmost perfection, the plush interiors immediately win over your heart. The superior construction quality instills a sense of safety in the occupants. The 8 acres of sport city offer a plethora of facilities. From Olympic size swimming pools to badminton courts, skating rink to a golf course, Excel Dwelling has created a one stop destination for that sportsperson in you. Gymnasium and jogging tracks have been designed with special emphasis towards fitness. To supersede your expectations, this sports enclave also offers adventures like rock climbing and beach volleyball. The villa plots spread over 20 acres are highly rewarding investment options. With such exemplary offerings, Oxigen by Excel Dwellings has become a project to look forward to.

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  1. anubhav

    Excel Dwellings Oxigen has provided me sporting amenities that are going to enhance my sporty carrier.I am getting all the best amenities.

  2. das

    Now a days all of the builders doesn’t consider any sports or physical activity space inside projects. Any builders with such project?

    1. Aadhya

      Hi Friends,Excel Oxigen is a very different project and it is an iconic residential sports enclave near sarjapur.

  3. Aadhya

    Excel Oxigen is a very different project and it is an iconic residential sports enclave near sarjapur.

  4. malar

    Guys, I decide to invest for excel dwellings oxigen villas so plz guide me it’s right choice for my future?

    1. Vimala

      Hi. I too have invested here and i feel that it is very lucrative. There is good growth in this area and the project is very well connected. The amenities are also very attractive.


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