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Talwar Builders is a name that partners itself with genuineness, uprightness, and devotion. Our preface may appear to be excessively smooth. In any case, it is simply after clients experience the ‘Talwar encounter’ that they concur with the basic words. In a market swarmed with developers, it’s elusive a promising decision. To sparkle like a precious stone in this aggressive coal mine, we buckle down and sprinkle the component of imagination.

Punekars are all around acquainted with our works in Shivnarayan Kale Commercial Building, Talwar MIG Flats, Deepak Talwar Memorial Building, and Phule Residential Complex. With an ordeal over 10 years, we are set to venture into different roads too. Talwar Builders will soon be renewed as The Deepak Talwar Group. We intend to spread our foundations in the east too, where the realty segment is still immature.

Anyway, what else is on the organizer for Talwar Builders? We expect to setup a brand name, a chain in wooden outfitting since a room without furniture and beautification resembles a natural product without its sweetness. Besides, to bring our top-class benefits in the poly-texture industry, soon you’ll witness our wander into the material part.

This has just conceivable with the administration of Shri Deepak Talwar, a glad Indian, and a prominent Punekar. Under his direction, Talwar Builders have achieved a lifted up development in the land area. Taking motivation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s “Make in India” activity, we endeavor to utilize swadesi assets for the improvement of our undertakings.

Jai Hind!

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