Blissful life awaits you at Ouranya Bay by True Value Homes

Living in one’s dream abode is no less than being in paradise and if that abode is crafted in the tallest building of Chennai, the paradise becomes even more paradisiacal. This is what you will get at Ouranya Bay by True Value Homes, the tallest residential building in Chennai!

Ouranya Bay has received best concrete structure of Tamil Nadu award. The residential abode has reinforced concrete shear walls with wood frame Malaysian Oak Veneer and Wenge color Varnish finish, making your lives fragrant with colorful bliss. The building also has the best quality high-speed automated elevators which will always facilitate you in reaching great heights.

The apartments dwell in green landscapes and True Value Homes has blended modernity with nature to achieve a perfect synthesis of both in Ouranya Bay homes. The living room stretches to the cozy bedroom and the drawing room hosts the best high tea party to a big gathering of guests. Ouranya Bay apartments will fabricate the best memories for you, just the way it fabricates the modernity of comfort with the pastoral of green landscapes.

The Bay has a 7 storey club house of 75,000 sq ft, a sky garden and a swimming pool. It also has one of the best cuisines spread across a sprawling 4,000 sq ft area. The Bay has an exclusive play area dedicated solely to children. It also has an intricately built banquet hall spread across 5,000 sq ft.

True Value Homes has brought its best in Ouranya Bay as it is a perfect synthesis of state-of-the-art amenities and the best possible architecture. The tallness of the Bay also acts as a metaphor for the tall lives it propounds to its residents.

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  1. rajendra kumar

    recently my elder son got married. This was the time I wanted to gift him a house. Then one of my friends suggested to contact TVH saying they are the best. I found their ouranya bay project very impressive. this is the tallest residential building in the city providing amazing views of the city. moreover my son was also interested in their project. So I booked a 2 BHK flat here. Till now, I have not faced any problems with the land on which I have invested. highly recommend TVH to anyone planning to buy a home.

  2. raj goyal

    I have been searching since last 6 months to get a house of my choice. After a lot of search and research, I came to devika hold homes. I appreciate the outstanding customer service that their staff provided so far. I am not here to overrate their services, instead wanted to share only the benefits that made me happy. They keep up their words and always care for their customers.

  3. mohit bansal

    hii all I am mohit…when I visited the site, I was so blown away with the entire plan that I couldn’t resist buying an apartment in this building. The amenities are a bliss and my family is happy with my decision.

  4. abhi verma

    TVH is just wonderful! I simply cannot say enough about how positive my experience was with them. They helped me in getting my desired house. I am relieved that I have invested my hard earned money at a right place.


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