Amrapali Group spreading awareness about diabetic foot syndrome

Amrapali Group

Our times are flooded with disease and what comes handy in such a world is knowledge. Awareness is reallimportant to combat illnesses and an attempt on spreading awareness has recently been made by Amrapali Hospital of Amrapali Group, in association with Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association (UPDA). It organized aa seminar (CME) with an aim to enlighten people about diabetic foot syndrome.  The seminar was organized on the occasion of Doctor’s Day at Steller Gymkhana, Greater Noida. The seminar marked an attendance of over 50 doctors.


Dr Swapnil Shikha, Director Amrapali Healthcare believes that diabetic foot is the most common skeletal and soft tissue infection in a patient suffering from diabetes, educating people about this dreaded complication will help curb the need for amputations. Amrapali Healthcare is a unit of Amrapali Group which is headed by Mr. Anil Sharma CMD Amrapali.


Dr Amit Gupta, DrSaurav  Srivastava, DrVipin Mishra and DrAmitesh Aggarwal gave presentations on diabetic foot pathophysiology and management. The presentation was an interactive session in which all the doctors participated.


The diabetologistDrVipin Mishra expressed his views and said that every diabetic patient must get his foot examination done annually.  Diet control and cessation of smoking have a major preventive role in the development of diabetic foot.


The event was concluded by Ritik Kumar Sinha, who is the director of Amrapali Hospital. He said that Amrapali healthcare is soon coming up with facilities providing complete medical care for a diabetic patient.

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  1. Dr. Manoj Gupta

    It’s a great step by Amrapali Group. They are doing good by making people aware of diabetic foot syndrome. Every organisation need to organize such events so that people can prevent it. As prevention is better than cure.


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