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‘Smart’ seems to be the word dominating our lives heavily. From smart phones to smart TVs and even smart cars; the world just doesn’t seem to get over the hang of it. Add to this list ‘smart homes’ and you have yourself what Aliens Group has to offer. If most of the new innovations circumvent about increasing the convenience and elevating automation, the concept of smart homes at Aliens Space Station goes a step ahead. Located Gachibowli Tellarpur, the project offers homes designed with a futuristic bent.

aliens space station bed room intelligent living

In space station, from the design layout to the interiors, everything is crafted by using advanced and state of the art technology. The project has been designed to ensure maximum influx of natural light and air into the apartments. The use of cutting edge construction technology makes the houses safe and strong. On the inside, they boast of technology and comfort that is unparalleled. The apartments are fitted with automation facility that set the light, temperature and music to the individual’s preference automatically. The resident can also view and keep a check on the parking lot or the children’s playground from their homes via CCTVs to ensure their safety.

The comfort is accentuated by allowing the residents an option of having the interiors customized as per their preference. The project houses a customization team which can take care of such needs. The bedrooms can have specially designed closets and the lights and other electronics can be easily controlled through a remote. Now if that isn’t a smart home, then what else would it be?

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Aliens Group - as different is our name so is our motto of providing ‘intelligent living’ alternatives to our customers. Something is always 'Alien’ about us - alien from the conventional mind-set, conventional development and conventional customer practices. As the thought leaders of the ‘Intelligent living’ concept, we apply the new age phenomenon of ‘maximised spaces and minimised hassles’ to satisfy the most conscientious buyers of today’s generation. Aliens mission is always to create best solutions with pioneering functionality, built on trustworthy and stout technological structural design which could be lucratively implemented and simulated across the world.

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