Aliens Space Station: From safety to entertainment, has it all

Aliens Space station Group

It  has created a marvel in the heart of Hyderabad with its project Aliens Space Station. The project is not only famous for its exquisite location next to a natural lake, but also because it is designed to be a place that brings all the convenience at one place for the residents. Not only the structural design is made sturdy with the use of heavy columns and beams and thick shear walls, but also the number of amenities present is magnanimous.aliens group features

The Aliens space station Group has used 1500 mm transversal slab in order to provide extra safety to the buildings. A humongous 16000 metric tonnes of steel has been used in the construction of the project. All these instill a sense of safety in the residents.

To take care of the entertainment and recreational needs, the project has a tennis court, basketball court, a golf range, skating rink, shuttle court and an Olympic size pool. Then there is an amphitheatre and shooting range to nurture a latent talent in kids. Library, banquet hall and community hall are pretty standard facilities with such projects.

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Aliens Group - as different is our name so is our motto of providing ‘intelligent living’ alternatives to our customers. Something is always 'Alien’ about us - alien from the conventional mind-set, conventional development and conventional customer practices. As the thought leaders of the ‘Intelligent living’ concept, we apply the new age phenomenon of ‘maximised spaces and minimised hassles’ to satisfy the most conscientious buyers of today’s generation. Aliens mission is always to create best solutions with pioneering functionality, built on trustworthy and stout technological structural design which could be lucratively implemented and simulated across the world.

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