Top 7 Portable Homes that’ll Give Conventional Homes a Run for their Money !

Portable homes can solve a lot of problems, ranging from homelessness to environment conservation. The only problem is that people believe portable homes are too plain, crude, and low-key trailers. Horizon Cottages breaks this myth by bringing you top 7 portable homes you should consider if you’re planning to buy any.

The Old-fashioned Cabin


It’s a miniature traditional house that has a small porch on the front. It looks like the usual bungalows you see in the suburbs. You can move it easily as it’s a trailer.

Le Nichoir

- VENTS DES FORETS - OEUVRE : LES MAISONS SYLVESTRE : LE NICHOIR Les Maisons Sylvestres sont situŽes au coeur du dŽpartement de la Meuse, en Lorraine, ˆ 1 heure de Paris par le TGV Est europŽen (gare Meuse TGV), dans 5000 hectares de fort, ˆ proximitŽ des villages de Dompcevrin, Fresnes-au-Mont, Lahaymeix, Nicey-sur-Aire, Pierrefitte-sur-Aire et Ville-devant-Belrain. Fort de dix-sept annŽes de crŽation artistique sur 45 km de sentiers, Le Vent des Forts initie avec Les Maisons Sylvestres de Matali Crasset un projet pour les aventuriers, amateurs d'art et de nature en qute d'essentiel. Les quatre maisons sont conues comme des oeuvres d'art ˆ habiter au milieu des bois, pour se reposer, rver, manger, observer et vivre une Žtape essentielle sur les sentiers du Vent des Forts. Cette commande publique conduite sous la ma”trise d'ouvrage du Vent des Forts, a reu le soutien du ministre de la Culture et de la Communication, du Fonds National d'AmŽnagement et de DŽveloppement du Territoire, du Conseil gŽnŽral de la Meuse, du Conseil rŽgional de Lorraine, de la Codecom Entre Aire et Meuse, de l'Europe au titre du Fonds EuropŽen Agricole pour le DŽveloppement Rural (FEADER) et de la Fondation RTE. Ces crŽations sont le fruit d'une collaboration entre la designer Matali Crasset, des artisans et des fournisseurs locaux CRƒDIT PHOTO : Guillaume RAMON

Le Nichoir is described as an ecological hotel room where you’ll feel the warmth and the safety of a mother’s womb. The structure is quite light-weight and it can be moved around in the vegetation without disturbing the fauna and flora.



This portable home is a crossover of an autorickshaw (Tuk Tuk) and a small trailer. You can eat, sleep, and work in a single capsule. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a shower or a John.

Blob VB3 Mobile Home


The house is named blob because it looks like a big white blob. The structure is round and it features a washroom, an office, and a bedroom.

Garden Shed


It’s the perfect combination of a greenhouse and a bedroom. The unit can be assembled easily with a screwdriver and it has space for storage as well. It lacks a bathroom.

Tiny House


Tiny House is a small portable ski lodge that has a kitchen, a sleeping bunk and a wood stove.

The Nest


A home built from green, locally grown, and completely renewable materials can be an awesome strategy to reduce air pollution shoved in the atmosphere by construction sites. The Nest is a small portable home that’s slightly bigger than others on this list.

Do you want to add your favorite portable home to this list? Let us know!  

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