Things to know before buying Cottages in Goa

Goa is one of the major tourist attraction of India. In fact, many top hotshots prefer to invest in Goa when properties are concerned. Wealth people from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and NRI’s prefer to buy properties in Goa as their holiday home. Nowadays depending upon the present many real estate developers are planning to build cottages in Goa as they are very economical and considered profitable as compared to apartments. According to one of the promising real estate developer “cottage houses are very profitable with regard to time and money”. Many developers are planning to make grand society of cottage houses. Since the area is small and hence there is low cost of construction, low rate of taxes and very affordable for investors.

In fact, Investors also prefer to invest in Cottage houses instead of big bungalows and mansions because of the modern construction techniques as well they are fully equipped with modern facilities. You can use it as a holiday home or you can rent it out to tourist for stays. It is a good route for lateral revenue.

If you are planning to buy cottage house in Goa, then follow these guidelines.

. Look for posh areas:

You can either check online or with some of the property consultant to find the best cottage homes. Buying a house in deserted place in not a good option. Hence, look for the places where you are well connected with nearby amenities and also can enjoy your peace of mind. Buying a hut in small societies is also a good option.

. Purchase for established real estate developers:

Once you are satisfied with locality and nearby areas, then proceed for the second step that is to get the details of property. Always prefer to buy second homes in big societies. Study the complete profile of real estate developer and its properties. Enquire about new projects and their development. One of the benefit of buying properties from established real estate developers is that they won’t use any shortcut tricks and provide you quality work.

. Amenities and facilities

If you are planning to buy cottage house in a society, then check for the amenities and facilities provided by the society as it will have a direct impact on the maintenance cost. Remember, if it is for investment, then you must get a good amount of rent so that maintenance expenses can be paid off.

. Get a good solicitor: A good solicitor can help you in arranging bank loans and also, he will take care of all the legal formalities. A good solicitor can also, provide you with a great piece of advice about the property and can also get you some best deals.

Cottage homes are the best investment and you can make the best use of your money by capitalising in these properties.

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