Construction and Technology: Partners For Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

The construction sector plays a major role in the development of any country. The industry entails several disciplines, including planning, designing, funding and execution of the project. It is important to ensure that all of these disciplines must work in perfect collaboration. Leveraging Cloud Computing is the best option for the construction industry.

The term ’Cloud Computing’ refers to a virtual server that enables users to access stored data, via an internet connection. As TVH experts have noted, cloud-based services can significantly increase data capacity, eliminating the need to invest in additional software. Here are some of the benefits offered by cloud computing.

Better collaboration between teams

Cloud solutions enable seamless collaboration between officials, contractors, sub-contractors, clients, and property owners. For example, if a change has been made in the project at the central location, people with access to those documents will receive the updated version in real-time. It ensures that everyone remains on the same page and proactively communicates with each other.

Enhances mobile solutions

Since construction companies have to setup transitory work sites in the remote areas, uninterrupted communication becomes a key requirement. Thanks to the smart-phone technology, mobile solutions have  made lives easier. With cloud computing and using mobile devices, workers can easily access project data from any location.

Compete with big enterprises

Easy access to top-notch technologies has enabled the smaller construction companies to compete with big enterprises. With cloud, small construction companies can easily create an enterprise-quality infrastructure. Through the pay-per-use approach, such companies can use advanced technologies and resources to offer enterprise-quality solutions.

Better utilization of resources

As the realty and construction sectors are vulnerable to economic variability, companies ought to have a firm control over expenses. The cloud-based solutions leverage resources thoroughly, enabling companies to drive maximum output from available resources. In addition, the infrastructure maintenance expenses are greatly reduced.

At TVH Real Estate, more than 500 employees access web-based applications for routine operations. Sunderji—DGM Sales and Marketing, True Value Homes says, “We have a bunch of happy employees because they now don’t have to commute to the corporate office to carry out paperwork formalities. Instead, they can perform the executive tasks from their home, work site, or anywhere they like.”

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