Online marketplaces a good option for new investors. Find out why?

Investing in a property is the most popular way to make long-term assets amongst the Indians.  People invest hefty amounts for buying flats, plots and undeveloped land with an anticipation of a good return in a couple of years.

However, the risk involved in real estate investment remains persistent at all stages. But, that does not imply that realty investment is not profitable. In fact, an all-inclusive look at the sector will signify that at this moment, investing in properties can win you riches.

Government regimes like The Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA) have led to some positive modifications in the real estate market, which have also boosted the buyer’s confidence. This has further toned down the risks involved in realty investment. On the whole, RERA is one of the reasons why 2018 is an ideal time for buying a property for investment purposes.

Property investment in India entails hefty funds, but it’s not necessary that only wealthy can buy properties in the country. Also, one must have knowledge or expertise of the real estate sector in order to reap benefits for investment.

A savior for first-time realty investors, there are several firms coming up to revolutionize the industry. These online property marketplaces use a blend of domain expertise and an active application of technology to make real estate a secure and easy investment option. They also allow property investments amounts for as low as 10 lakhs. The investors can put in flexible amounts on numerous properties, creating a strong property portfolio in due course. This concept is akin to participating in the stock market. With an advantage, these firms take legal, pecuniary, and project-specific audits to ensure that each offering is a secured investment.

These online portals are transforming the scenario of property investment in India, and making it simpler for a common man to become property investor. For those seeking profits from Indian real estate sector, the online marketplaces are a perfect place to start with.

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