How to make your Dormitory Room spacious: Top tips by Modi Builders.

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When moving into a new school or university, there are chances you might have to stay at the institution’s dormitory. To brace those long examinations, night-studies and agonizing party night hangovers, you need to find a temporary. However, cost and space are also a factor because the small rooms can’t fit in costly furniture. To help, Modi Builders review the top 5 ways you can save space and money when moving into a dormitory. Let’s go!

Get a loft bed
The comfortable single beds with an attached study table can save a lot of space and look quite beautiful. Moving from your workstation to bed and vice-versa will be easier.

Add your ‘touch’ to the dorm room
College dorms can suck your life out if you’re staying there for a long time. After finishing every assignment, it’s good to look up and enjoy something familiar, something that defines you. We suggest putting up your favorite posters, even if it’s Justin Bieber.

Go for multi-purpose furniture
Just like the loft bed, find furniture that has more than one function. Investing in a few poufs can save you the money of buying a table. Poufs can be doubled as a table or a sitting stool or even as a pillow in some cases.

Use soft light
You might think this blog is going ‘trippy’, but using soft light sources can save on the energy and make your room look better. Soft light lamps save space as well. Put one in a corner of the dorm and it’ll illuminate the room evenly.

Get a bulletin board
A bulletin board can help organize your day and hold up memorable pictures. Instead of pasting photographs on the wall, save space using a pin and the bulletin board.

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