Haunted Houses in Delhi: The Civil Lines Mansion

It’s exciting to read creepypastas late at night when no one’s at home. But reading about real paranormal instances can take you places, places you might not like to go. It forces you to think about the parallel dimensions where ghosts, aliens and djinns allegedly live. The topic gets scarier when we talk about haunted houses in Delhi. Unlike Bhangarh, you can reach these places easily by the Delhi Metro.

One of such places is 33, Sham Nath Marg in Civil Lines. Worth a fortune, this place is considered unlucky and haunted. There’s a long history behind this 5,500 square meter building. It was built in the 1920s by the British to accommodate English civil servants. Post-independence, 33 Sham Nath Marg was allocated as the Delhi chief minister’s residence.

Haunted Houses in Delhi, Civil Lines, Bhangarh, AAP

Haunted Houses in Delhi: The Civil Lines Mansion

This place had been a home to Delhi chief ministers Madan Lal Khurana and Chaudhary Brahma Prakash, both of whom lost their seats early. The house was thought to bring bad luck. As a result, other Delhi CMs like Sheila Dikshit were not comfortable enough to shift here. However, in 2003, a Delhi cabinet minister Deep Chand Babu decided to move in. The house supposedly worked its ‘black magic’ and he contracted meningitis. Deep Chand Babu died after a prolonged illness. The house was confirmed to be haunted.

It looks like the jinx broke a soon Aam Admi Party started using it as the Delhi Dialogue Commission. Some Delhi residents joke about Aam Admi Party being a horror itself that negates the effect of 33 Sham, Nath Marg. On the other hand, known author and photographer Dhruva Chaudhuri revealed it was a beautiful bungalow in its prime. The ‘one of the most haunted houses in Delhi’ tag only came to surface in the last few decades. People love to share spiced up stories irrespective if it’s the truth or not.

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