10 Things to Consider When Choosing best Banquet halls

A successful party is always remembered because of the food and venue. Party menu plays a major role in any gathering, but not to be forgotten a delicious food is always complimented by the pleasant ambience of Banquet hall. Venue should be spacious and go according to the theme of event. Here are ten things that you should while choosing banquet hall for merrymaking.

  • Budget

This is the main factor before deciding the venue of any event. Set aside a fixed amount for the venue and try to pick some best banquet halls in the set budget. Banquet hall is very crucial for any party and in peak season you might not get bookings. Hence, book the banquet hall well in advance.

  • Ambience

Just be extra careful regarding the internal ambiance of the banquet hall as it plays a major role in all decorations. If you feel the need of any patchwork or renovation, then don’t hesitate in discussing the same with organizers.

  • Guest list

Make a note of the number of guest attending the party. It will help you decide on the size of banquet hall. In fact, for wedding and receptions you need to have big size banquet halls so that you can use the space and can easily perform marriage rituals on one place while your guest can enjoy food and drinks on the other side.

  • Theme of the party

Next thing to decide is the basic theme of the party. Themes differ according to occasions like for birthdays and baby shower, there will a different theme. Marriages and receptions demand grand celebration and so the theme is totally different.

  • Event planner

He can make your party rocking and happening with his expert knowledge. You can set yourself free and leave all the planning part on event planner shoulder. You can hire a good event planner in a small budget.

  • Decoration

If you are not hiring any planner, then you need to take care of the decorations. Some Banquet halls do offer in house event planner. You can check for that as well.

  • On-site catering

Many banquet halls do offer in house catering which means your guest will be served hot and fresh food. It is a better option as it chops down a lot of expenses and your event can go on smoothly.

  • Parking

Nowadays it is one of the biggest issues. Banquet hall should have apt parking space for guests to park their vehicles. Choosing a venue with attached parking will help you suffice your guest basic need.

  • Basic amenities

These are very much required in your party venue. Make sure that Banquet hall has apt number of clean wash rooms. Hygiene should be the basic factor and should be taken care off.

  • AV effects

Some banquet halls have Audio visual effects and it helps all the guest scattered in the banquet hall to connect to the main festivity.

Though there are many other factors as well like location of banquet hall, Insurance, traffic on the route that are required to be kept in mind while choosing best banquet hall.

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